In total denial that my vacation is over so when I got home from work I decided today would be a continuation of my vaca and I proceeded to blow off all my todo lists and unpacking and grocery shopping and played video games, drank wine and finished watching the walking dead. #noregrets

Cast your vote!! 🎃#1, 🎃#2 or 🎃#3????

#abq #albuquerque #balloonfiesta

Starbucks Reserve ❤️ #tobeapartner #starbucks #starbucksreserve (at Starbucks)

My family is definitely in town…..

Morning stretch before climbing all day! Spent over 7 hours in the Franklin Mountains today and it felt so good 🌄

My awesome bunny Minty just came in today from @sleepy_king!!!! I’m so in love. I can’t have real bunnies but this one is just magic 🐰❤️ thanks again @sleepy_king 😘

Love my starbucks family ❤️☕️

Happy one year home to my gentleman lover @zeusdejesus. So happy you came back safe and that every day since has been an adventure. Love you more each day ❤️😘

Wishing for this day again. Off of work, gloomy day, crocheting a giant blanket. Oh and mimosas of course.

Happy happy birthday to this beautiful little sister of mine!!! What a treat it was to see you this summer! Folks - here’s a real fine young lady who knows how to act and has that special servants heart. I can’t wait to see you in two weeks @morgan_dixon 😘🎉🎈🌟❤️🎂🎊💥😁 happy happy happy birthday!!!!!!

Today: wake up, physical therapy, lunch on the west side, coffee and donuts, reading, making plans, outlet warehouse shopping, gun shopping, free booze on Fort Bliss, pizza ordered and just picked up booze and candy for movies in the canyon on this glorious summer night. 🌟 (weirdo face because he hit my head with the corona)

Theo and Kristen Wiig. Need I say more?
@jessicann92 @nedykstra

We’ve got great news! 🎈🎊🎉💥👶Our friends are having a baby boy and we are still really good at being dumb.

All about that sumo wrestler X-ray lyfe.